Writing 155a

Application Letter to NRDC

February 18, 2015


Natural Resources Defense Council

1314 Second Street

Santa Monica, CA 90401



Dear NRDC,


As an Environmental Studies major and Professional Writing Minor soon to be graduating from UC Santa Barbara, I am eager to begin my career with an environmentally oriented business such as the Natural Resources Defense Council. After searching jobs on NRDC’s website, I came across the Communication Assistant position and feel that I match the criteria.


Previously, I have worked as an administrative assistant, environmental educator, and social media content manager. With this experience, I have learned how to creatively communicate within an organization and to stakeholders, methods of effective community engagement, and the importance of outreach. Currently, I am completing a minor in Professional Writing with an emphasis in Multimedia Communication as well as completing an undergraduate thesis on the effectiveness of environmental communication through digital media platforms. Since I am just now exiting my scholastic career, I can offer an academic perspective on environmental matters, but I also have the freshness to learn from experienced professionals that can mold me into a young and competitive professional.


I am passionate about helping people understand the importance of preserving our environment for future generations. In today’s technology age, multimedia communication is the best way to do just that.  With an opportunity to work for the Natural Resource Defense Council upon my graduation in June, I can assure you that I will offer my best communication skills and experience to enhance your team.


Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to the possibility of working with the Natural Resources Defense Council  in the near future.

Thank you,

Hailey Allison